Mark Taman

Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant

Mark Taman

Mark Taman has over 25 years experience in IT and the Legal sector with extensive project management, marketing and implementation experience within global manufacturing and electronics enterprises.

During this period he managed and trained successful teams to bring awareness of digital securities, the Data Protection Act (Now the GDPR) and more recently digital marketing within business, ensuring that each was performing better than its competitors in every area.

Mark founded Coral Digital to bring his considerable wealth of knowledge and experience, that he gained in marketing, information technology, data solutions and strategic planning, to businesses that want to increase their digital growth and improve their marketing strategies by using a proven methodology.

He believes that many businesses have long been misled and baffled by the ‘smoke and mirror’ techniques used to optimise their digital platforms (Websites, Social Media etc.) and has a strong belief that with the right balance of strategy and implementation businesses can see a realistic growth in how the performance of these will increase.

Mark Taman is a Digital Marketing Consultant with Digital Marketing Implementation Services and works in line with The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology

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149 Reviews


James has been very helpful and insightful. He takes existing SEO, PPC and content knowledge and links it together into a helpful methodology to boost your online profile. I have been very impressed so far and am looking forward to working with James in the future.

Posted 6 days ago

Sam Lauder

Great experience! Having worked with DMIS for a short time, it is clear that their experience and insight would be invaluable to just about any business at any level. I'm very excited and motivated about implementing my new found knowledge whilst working with DMIS going forward.

Posted 1 month ago

Vala Capital.

It’s hard to find genuine SEO experts with the passion that James has to help companies develop their online presence. I Have recommended his services to countless companies and without exception receive detailed notes of thanks from them for having done so. In addition to delivering tangible results, he takes the time to meticulously explain SEO strategy - empowering his clients to take that knowledge forward themselves while always ready to guide where needed. I could not recommend James and his team more highly.

Posted 1 month ago

Damien O'Dwyer

Great advice from a true expert. There are many people in the world of SEO who claim to know what they are doing and really know very little. James is an exception, he knows what he is doing and can explain it in a logical way that anybody can understand. I will be implementing the strategies for my own business and will definitely be recommending James to those who need an upper hand.

Posted 1 month ago

Colin S

If you don't know where to start promoting your website online or don't know why it's not ranking in Google then James is THE person to speak to. His methods aren't rocket science, just a great methodology to ensure you get the basics right. I build my previous business using just these techniques and exited when a trade buyer acquired us for our rankings and customer database so I know these methods work. James puts everything you need to do in a logical process and after 12 yrs in E-Commerce I learnt a few tricks to help us improve further. An hour with James is probably THE BEST INVESTMENT you can make in growing your business.

Posted 1 month ago


I’ve used James several times for several brands to implement effective SEO strategies to drive relevant traffic, conversion, create opportunities and increase revenue. 33% in my last role. I’ve recently taken advantage of his monthly subscription services to maintain growth and manage costs. Traffic is already up 29%. Highly recommend to anyone in need of robust digital marketing services, a decent bloke and sounding board who speaks his brilliant truth with clarity and doesn’t hold back the hard truths we all need to hear!

Posted 2 months ago

Neil Sinclair

We had a 60-minute Digital Marketing evaluation done focusing on our website performance and SEO option with James Pybus. James was brilliant in explaining what could and needed to be done and gave us a full report on the issues and opportunities. It was very informative and fantastic service. I can recommend James with his Digital Marketing services to anyone serious about getting better results through their website.

Posted 2 months ago

Darren Meehan

This is a must for any business with an online offering. we will be back on a regular basis for health checks and new campaigns . thank you

Posted 2 months ago

Kris Thorne

I had a session with James to understand what key elements I need to think about when structuring a new website. It was a real eye opener, so many ways you can maximise your site and use keyword analysis to create your content and advertising strategy for surprising low cost. I was impressed by both his expertise and his values behind his company. He is making himself affordable and accessible to small business owners and I’ve heard nothing but compliments others as to his honesty and integrity. So pick up the phone and give him a call, it will be worth your while!

Posted 2 months ago

S J Wells

Wow! An extremely comprehensive and insightful review of my website, rankings, keywords and digital marketing. Lots of how to information and a video of the session to refer back to. I highly recommend.

Posted 3 months ago

Tom Bowen

It is so clear to me that James and the team genuinely care about your business benefiting and growing from the training on this program. Recording the videos meetings allows me and my team to review the sessions and provides true value. James backs what he is doing and there is no smoke and mirrors around the benefits implementing the strategy will have.

Posted 3 months ago

Ashley R

James delivered a very clear and concise webinar, which demonstrated a great understanding of the subject matter. The delivery was executed with a high level of professionalism, tailoring the content to meet the requirements of my organisation. Its clear to see that James has a passion for digital marketing and an equal measure of dedication to his clients success. The session was all recorded which allows time to review and work though it as I piece together an organisational marketing strategy. As a result I will be engaging further with James. Great help, a true professional.

Posted 3 months ago

Phill Kay

We just had an initial consultation (webinar) with James. James was clear, methodical and able to demonstrate/back up everything he was explaining. Furthermore, the whole webinar was recorded, giving us the ability to go back over his points. We were really impressed with his attitude, passion and professionalism and as a result will be contacting him again VERY soon for further services. Thank you James.

Posted 3 months ago

Jack Murphy

I had a 1hr session booked with James which quickly turned into over 2hrs. He was incredibly thorough with explaining what is involved with each step of optimizing my website and I learnt a great deal in a short period of time. Following on from the session James was happy to answer any further questions I have had. Once I've put the first stages of my optimization in place I will definitely arrange another session.

Posted 3 months ago

Vikki Hobson

I am new to the world digital marketing and James talked me through all of the different elements, from what was good about my website and the not so good, suggested ways to improve my marketing campaign. James explained in great detail in a method that I could understand and put in to practice, I am very much looking forward to seeing my sales improve. I have also used Gemma's services to write blogs for the website. Working with James and Gemma can only benefit my business and look forward to continuing to work closely in the future.

Posted 3 months ago

Paul, Edge 4 Planning

Fantastic insight into how to improve on my web site profile and marketing. Thanks again James!

Posted 3 months ago

Michael Jones

The pay as you go service was fantastic. James gave me clear, honest and tangible advice that has made my digital marketing so much easier. Since using James pay as you go service I have stopped listening to "marketing assumptions" and obvious lead funnel so-called digital marketing "experts" advice and just implemented the strategy provided by James and it has shown far better results than I have ever had. Can't recommend this service enough. Thank you, James.

Posted 3 months ago

Sylvia Snowling

Brilliant! If you get the opportunity for James to review your web site - then take it before your competitors do. Within a matter of hours of the consultation my website,, was performing considerably better. Highly recommended.

Posted 3 months ago

John Pratt

WOW What a find James is. If you really want to know how well your website is performing, then I suggest you contact James as soon as possible. James explains everything and doesn’t rush. He makes sure that you get what he is saying. He also records the sessions in case you need to referred back to anything. Once I have actioned the plans that James left with me then I will certainly be going back to him.

Posted 3 months ago

Peter Leeson

This first 60 minutes review of both the current and needed state of my website ( was of immense value. I am not a marketing expert and created a website that kind of said what I thought it should say. A quick analysis by someone who knows what it is all about could show that I did not really know what I was doing. This review went beyond that and provided me with step-by-step guidance on what I should be doing, with clear explanations, references to the tools that could help me identify what was wrong (free tools, this was not a sales pitch), then - just in case my notes were not complete enough, I received a complete film of what was said! The only down-side of the effort was showing me how much I need to do to make my website worth its value.

Posted 3 months ago


The 60 minute consultancy (which was un-rushed and actually about 90 minutes in the end) was a great use of my time. James' knowledge and experience in the field shines through and his ability to use real life examples of how the methodology works is reasuring and inspiring. If you need expert advice this is a very cost-effective option and I would highly recommend James and his team.

Posted 4 months ago