Pay as you Go Digital Marketing Process


Pay as you Go Digital Marketing Process – The sessions are recorded so they can be shared between the team and everyone can drive the website in the same direction, a new team member joins show them the video in order the overall message doesn’t get diluted.

End to end process

Face to Face team training day £450 + VAT – for larger teams – if suitable, ask James.

  1. Online Recorded 60-minute consultancy = £50 + VAT – Overview of The Logic Digital Marketing strategy methodology and audit of current website position. Explanation of where you are at and what needs to be done.
  2. If required we can carry out the Keyword research – cost depending on number of keywords. Example 10 x keywords = £250 +VAT
  3. Online Recorded consultancy = £50 + VAT – instruction on positive and negative lists. optimisation video using company website admin, step by step guide. URL sitemap structure. (we will check a few pages and offer advice) Ask for a price if you require us to implement this work.
  4. Online Recorded consultancy = £50 + VAT – paid ads setup, phrase match. We can set this up for £450 + VAT and includes first 4 weeks on-going optimisation. Ask for details.
  5. Online Recorded consultancy = £50 + VAT – The content strategy.
  6.   If required we can check all the elements of work carried out and make suggestions inline with the strategy = £150 + VAT

We would recommend the consultancy videos, the keyword research and the ads setup 100%, everything else is optional depending on internal/outsource resources. If you need the help implementing then we are available.

  1. Ongoing £100 + VAT per month if you require ongoing content strategy advice, (ask for details) A4 document based on your products or services and the logic methodology. Example: use this title, this anchor text and content and link to this page, all in line with “The Logic methodology”. If you want us to write the articles/blogs with or without Harvard referencing we can do this for you at £200 + VAT for 4 x 300 words, 1 per week. Ask for quote if you need longer pieces of content.

Summary: This is flexible low-cost solution where we guide you through the strategy allowing you to choose the elements you want us to do and which elements you can do in house or you can continue to use existing outsource providers where you already have an existing relationship.

Once all the 3 elements of the strategy have been completed

  1. Optimisation
  2. Adwords
  3. Content Strategy

Then you can start to think about your other channel’s social media, email marketing etc. but “The Logic digital Marketing Strategy methodology” is your start point for any website.




Extra services we can provide:

Survey reports based on data provided by the business, ask for example if required.

Gemma Pybus is currently doing a masters in data science and has knowledge of python if you have data that needs analysing.