Optimisation Case Study in Terms of Value – MONEY – UP 82% in 5 months

Apologises for this page, we clearly need to hide our customers identity but also need to show you a copy of the original paperwork.

So the value of the website is based on the keywords driving traffic X the number of visitors, based on value of PPC if you were using Google Adwords/Keyword Planner to do the research.

October 30th 2016 – Monthly Value = $15,624

case study up 82%

4-month Enterprise Digital Marketing Foundation Package delivered by Digital Marketing Implementation Services. No paid advertising or link building happened over this period – optimisation ONLY.

April 4th 2017 – Monthly Value = $28,437

Value case study up 82%


Difference $12,813 up 82% in 5 months


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Both of these solutions are set up to be completed over 16 weeks after which you will be provided with a flexible digital strategy to build on the foundation using our pay as you go digital marketing packages.

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