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Research is carried out based on “The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology

Keyword Research – Your Digital Strategy relies on your ability to have identified relevant keywords and phrases that your customers are typing in to the search engine. If you fail to do this research correctly it will effect all your digital channels moving forward and you will not get the best ROI from your website marketing.

People are surprised when we tell them that keyword research will take a minimum of 1 full 12 hour day, and thats for a basic website, it can be ongoing if we are dealing with an ecommerce/blogging website.

Keyword Research

James Pybus – I am amazed how many people target the wrong keywords and phrases for their website and they wonder why they are not getting traffic to their websites.

Most Digital Agencies will do their keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner, however there is a problem. Google Keyword Planner use data, that is keywords and phrases that other businesses have advertised on already – thats how they have got this data. NOTE: you also need to advertise with Google to get all the required data. Searches per month, Cost per click (CPC) and competition level.

Digital Marketing Implementation Services have actually two ways to do the research, Google Keyword Planner and predictive search terms.

Example when I start to write “learn how to rank your website ……. ”


We have developed our own keyword research tool and use this in combination with other tools to provide a comprehensive keyword list.

Example below shows the research on the single phrase “Lead Generation”

Lead Generation keyword research

134 pages and 6009 keywords and phrases – this is the first draft, of course draft 2 would be cut down to more relevant keywords and phrases and make up part of your master keyword list. The list would then be sectioned to made up your internal and external content strategies, social content and paid advertising content. The start of your Digital Strategy.

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You will receive your data in this format

Data format for keyword research

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