Infusionsoft Email Marketing? why do it?

Infusionsoft Email Marketing, why do it?

Come Monday morning, your email inbox is probably full of automatically generated promotional emails that have been sent to you and half a million other people who have once expressed an interest in chocolate/shoes/holidays, etc.  If you are anything like me, most of these are deleted before you even open them, let alone read them!

Now think about the emails that stand out in your inbox the ones that you don?t just delete straight away.  These are usually personal emails from one individual to another, or emails that appear to have been written specifically for you; it is far more likely that you will open (and possibly even read!) an email that feels personal, making it more likely that you will take specific action following receiving that email (i.e. Buy Now! or Contact us today! etc., depending on the reason behind the message).

So how can you tailor messages to hundreds and thousands of individuals? One way to effectively do this is using Infusionsoft.  For example, Potential Customers who have come to you via different sources can be targeted in a way that feels personal to them  i.e. Thank you for completing the ?more information? box on our website or thank you for giving your contact details to one of our representatives at the trade show last week.  However, the way that people respond to those first contact? messages can also be used to make further correspondence more personal: If a customer has clicked on a link, the email can refer to that! If a customer hasn’t even opened their first email, the second email can reference that! The use of carefully considered customer segments and different correspondence journeys can really help to nurture potential leads and build positive relationships with them, especially when you embrace the knowledge and skills of Infusionsoft Partners as well as simply utilising the software yourself.

If you would like more potential leads to respond positively to your email correspondence, contact Emarketing-Strategy today on: 07929 030475 or email: to find out how Infusionsoft could help you.

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