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Digital Marketing Solution for Business

Digital Marketing Solution for Business – Are you looking for proven and effective Digital Marketing guidance that you can practice and implement in a real life setting?

There will be two different categories of people looking at this page

  1. Those that want to learn themselves.
  2. Those that want someone else to do the work but want to understand what they are employing that company/person to do.

We cater to both.

If you have a website that you would like to be more visible to a larger number of relevant customers, and you would either like to learn about Digital Marketing yourself, or up-skill a member of your team (whether they have experience in Digital Marketing or not), we can help.

Our unique training, business growth and strategy programme carefully walks you through the foundations of Digital Marketing, from keyword research to on-page optimisation, from Alt-tags to Anchor text! We deliver tailored learning material via one-to-one recorded Video Calls, a closed Facebook group and emails so that you too can gain the knowledge and experience necessary to boost your website’s online visibility.

Digital Marketing Implementation Services (DMIS) provides training and works with:

  1. Marketing and Digital Agencies
  2. Business Owners
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Marketing Departments/Teams
  5. Marketing Directors/Managers
  6. Digital Marketing Consultants
  7. Business Consultants

  • Business Profile and Q&A
  • Website Audit and Benchmark video
  • In Person Digital Marketing Training
  • 12 Month Digital Framework
  • Quality Assurance Checks
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • In-depth Keyword Research
  • On-page Optimisation Support
  • Email and Telephone Support
  • Recorded video Support
  • 6 and 12 month Evaluation
  • 8 Month Tailored Content Strategy
  • Adwords Campaign Setup
  • 8 Month Adwords Management
  • 8 Monthly website audits and reports
  • Social Media and Content Session
  • Advanced Digital Channel Advice
  • £165 +VAT x 12 months
  • Buy in 12 Monthly Instalments

Additional Services Available: Access to on-going advice £45.00 per month

Digital Marketing Solution – details of what you will receive other 12 months

Here at Digital Marketing Implementation Services, we’ve spent the last two years perfecting our practical Digital Marketing Solution for Business – our training programme that gives you the first hand knowledge and experience of optimising your own website effectively and with confidence!

This is a cost-effective solution for those wishing to promote their website using their in-house resources rather than an external Digital Agency.

The Programme involves:

Business Profile and Q&A – prior to starting the course, we will ask a number of questions about your website and current Digital Strategy to help us learn more about you and your unique business and ensure that our training is tailored specifically to your website and needs.

Website Audit and Benchmark video – before we start work, we will collate statistics based on your website’s current position in the Search Engine Results Pages, as well as logging page loading speed, site errors, etc. so that we can more easily track and measure the improvements to these aspects of your website over the next 12 months.

In-person Digital Marketing Training – we will invite you to one of our open training day events (in a small and friendly group of up to 8 business owners), though if this is not convenient we can deliver the training remotely via video-conferencing software. Please note that the training lasts for approximately 6 hours.

12 Month Digital Framework – the first 4 months of the programme relate to your digital marketing foundations, and over this period we will carry out keyword research for you as well as guide you through the on-page, server and website optimisation processes. For the final 8 months of the programme, we provide a monthly content list/strategy based on the keyword research and influence score already prepared for you.

Quality assurance checks – we ensure the quality and consistency of our students work by carefully reviewing each practical task; this allows us to check that guidance has been understood and applied correctly, and gives us the opportunity to re-visit any areas of concern for individual students.

Access to Private Facebook Group – Students will gain access to a private Facebook page where they will have the opportunity to share ideas, ask questions and get optimisation updates. Digital Marketing Solution for Business

In-depth Keyword Research – carried out by us over the course of 2 full days – we use our own keyword research tool that draws data from paid advertising and predictive searches, and is not available on the open market.

On-page Optimisation Support – we provide remote guidance and support as you optimise your pages, responding to questions and concerns via email, telephone and using videos to highlight issues and solutions.

Email and Telephone Support – we provide support and aim to answer questions as quickly as possible. Our office opening hours are from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.  Any queries that come in outside of these hours may not be dealt with until the office re-opens, as we do not provide 24 hour support.  Please note that you may receive a video in response to your query to highlight specific issues and/or solutions.

6 and 12 Month Evaluation – In order to review the progress made throughout the programme, we offer 6 and 12 month website reviews as part of our 12 month training package.

8 Month Tailored Content Strategy – A unique strategy for your company based on the keywords and phrases found in the research.

Adwords Campaign Setup – Adwords campaign setup and running based on keyword research, lowest possible CPC campaign based on predictive search volumes, ideally under 0.10p (Customer to use own payment card and choose their own budget – fully transparent)

8 Month Adwords Management –  On-going advice depending on your unique strategy, results and budget.

8 Monthly Website audits and reports – On-going audit and reports – Red errors will be highlighted for immediate repair.

Social Media and Content Session – As part of your course fee, you will receive a one-hour session held online/phone by our own in-house social media, ghost writer and content strategist, giving you the opportunity to build on the Digital Marketing Foundation work you will have successfully completed.

Advanced Digital Channel Advice – once the foundations of your digital marketing are in place you may require additional services that we could support you with.  These may include:

·      Paid advertising setup
·      Blog and article writing
·      Ghost writing
·      Web page content
·      Retargeting setup
·      Social media management
·      CRM and Email marketing
·      Artwork and images
·      Mail Chimp, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Hubspot Automation

The training is designed so that even a newcomer to Digital Marketing will see results; we guide and check your work at every stage of the learning process to ensure quality.