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Digital Marketing Mentor – based on the Logic Digital Marketing Methodology – We have come a long way in the last 2 years. We have provided digital marketing training to over 200 SME’s in the Buckinghamshire area – but on reviewing a lot of their websites I realised no one was implementing what I had shown them so I commissioned a survey. It turns out although the students understood the digital strategy training on the day and were excited to action the plan most had forgotten and had no idea where to start by the time they got home, to be honest I found this frustrating as I had spent a lot of my time providing this training.

At the other end of the scale I have also been working for larger global retailers etc. again frustration they are just not listening, I hear comments like “we are to bigger business so that’s not going to work” I had an interesting conversation with an e-commerce director about intent to buy: I stated if someone goes to Google and types: The brand/gender/followed by a product they had intend to buy, to my surprise he stated NO, it’s only intent to buy if you have an offer like 10% off or free postage – I am not sure what to say to this, dare I say he probably shouldn’t be in the job – my view.

What businesses haven’t realised is that a website is a website, SMEs to global companies the same thing needs to happen, SMEs claim they don’t have enough money for marketing and large companies waste so much money on unnecessary software mainly based on “that’s what we used at my last company” one company I came across was paying £58K per year for some software and no one in the business was using it or knew how to use it.

Solution: Digital Marketing Mentor/Methodology for SME’s and Large businesses at fixed prices.

We have developed a proven digital marketing methodology based on real data, tried and tested on over 40 websites.

We have written a book on the digital strategy (Lost in the Digital Noise) with the methodology called “The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology


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