Digital Marketing Case Study

This is a live ongoing digital marketing case study that we will be updating as and when we have something to report. The case study is setup in combination with a book been written by James and Gemma Pybus on “The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology” we are using a Keyword Strategy Tool that we have developed in-house.




The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology is the start point for your digital strategy no matter how small or large your business – a website is a website and the same things need to happen whether you are a one person accountancy business or a global retailer.

  • Phase 1: Optimisation
  • Phase 2: Paid Ads
  • Phase 3: Content Strategy


Then you will be ready to start your other channels, Social media, email marketing etc.- of course it will depend on the business and what you are trying to achieve.

For the case study we wanted to start a website from scratch, starting with buying the domain that way the website would have no influence (IFS) or domain authority (DA)

Domain Information –

Registered on: 20-Oct-2018
Expiry date: 20-Oct-2020
Last updated: 04-Nov-2018 – date it was put on the server

Setup WordPress website platform date: 04-Nov-2018

Carried out Extensive Keyword Research (2 days)

Primary Keyword ‘Print Broker’ or ‘Print Brokering’ 90 searches per month,Cost per Click £2.57 with a competition level of 0.28 (Low)

Print Brokering

Website set live – content on home page only date: 10-Nov-2018


  • Phase 1: Optimisation

10Nv audit 2018

Setup Google Search Console and submitted sitemaps date: 15-Nov-2018

17Nove audit 2018

24Nov audit 2018

15Dec audit 2018

Results date: 18-Dec-2018

Print Broker

Added content on all other pages and optimise, submitted sitemaps.

Setup Bing webmaster tools and submitted sitemap date: 19-Dec-2018

Results date 22-Dec-2018

Digital Marketing Case Study

Audit Report – repaired all errors Date: 22-Dec-2018

22dec-2018 audit

Optimisation of server required date: 22-Dec-2018 – we would expect these to be minimum of ‘D’ on both counts. (times do vary between 11and 13 seconds).

Server Speed

Results 23-Dec-2018

Printing case study

Search Engine Optimisation Examples (This phrase = 10 searches per month with low competition)

This page is optimised for: ‘Digital Marketing Case Study’ 110 searches per month, no one bidding on this through paid ads, competition level 0.51 (medium)

Digital Marketing Case Study

Results 03-Jan-2019

last 30 days

Summary: 15th January 2019

  • The server needs to be faster as this is destroying our load times.
  • I am using the Yoast plugin to produce the XML sitemaps – the plugin required updating as the sitemaps disappeared – its a good idea to check each week that you have no issues as this caused us to start to lose listings in the SERPs
  • Time to start the next phase which means we need to setup an exact keyword paid advertising strategy.

Still to complete

  • Phase 2: Paid Ads
  • Phase 3: Content Strategy

If you want a digital marketing strategy that works – start the process TODAY



We now have 5 links from 2 sources and have a 1% influence score with the search engines. NOTE: they currently go to the home page, as time goes on we want inner page links.

Digital Strategy Case Study

Optimised page