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Digital Marketing Case Studies – Although we cannot give exact case studies from our work online, we can provided more insights in face to face meetings.

This screen shot is from Google analytics shows a typical example of our results.

The left side = sessions – note how we have lost traffic (sessions) this is because we have done the keyword research and optimised the pages, the result is that we now have traffic that is now more relevant to our product or services.

Question – Do you want 1000 people to your website or do you want 100 that will buy your service or product?

The right side shows the conversion tracking, so although we have less visitors to the site we are now getting people who want to buy therefore the conversions are up.

Digital marketing Case study

Retargeting is a cost effective way to get more traffic that converts to a sale but you must have your digital marketing essential foundations in place for this to work in the real work.

Digital case study

The digital marketing foundations are 100% required if you are wanting your website to rank in the search engines.

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Digital Marketing Implementation Services

Most businesses in the UK now have a web presence, but with so many companies competing for the same customers, your unique business will need a Digital Strategy; a direction; an action plan for continued online success.  A fundamental part of this success is knowledge, not just for you, but for your staff too. All of your staff need to be on the same page; they all need to know and understand your digital strategy and their role if you want your business to grow.

Emarketing Strategy offer effective face-to-face, (enterprise solution) no nonsense training and consultancy services along with a 4-month foundation package to help ensure businesses are firmly on the path to digital success. We have no contracts (just 1-month?s notice from each side) and a selection of clearly outlined and affordably priced Digital Marketing Packages that can offer a proven solution to everything from Link Building to Social Media.

At the end of our innovative 4-month foundation package, your business will have:

  • Knowledge gained from your face-to-face training, either as a business owner or as part of your digital marketing team.
  • A website that is optimised for digital success.
  • A master keyword list for your unique business, consisting of a primary and secondary list of keywords.
  • A solid foundation for ongoing website marketing activities
  • Access to on-going digital marketing packages that are in-line with your digital strategy.

Updates on black-and-white optimisation techniques along with future sources of success.

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