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Content Writer

Are you looking for a native-English speaking content writer to develop some professional and engaging content? Gemma Pybus can help!

Gemma offers Social Media Management Advice and Support, as well as Research and Copywriting for Blogs, Newspaper and Magazine Articles, and Research Papers.

After gaining a BA (Hons) in Archaeology and Anthropology, and an English Language Teaching qualification, Gemma has been involved in a number of professional and varied Research Programmes.  She is also a published author, and feels that all of her skills and experience have moulded her into the effective content writer she is today.

Gemma has worked primarily in the field of Social Media Management for the last couple of years, having previously worked in Search Engine Optimisation and Website Marketing.  As a result, she has the experience to ensure that Social Media posts are ?Search Engine friendly? as well as being engaging for new and existing customers.  Gemma also has proven experience building effective Pay-Per-Click Social Media Advertising Campaigns for a wide range of Businesses.

For ghost-written copy that reflects the tone and value of your unique business, and is designed to interest and engage your new and existing customers, Gemma is always available to assist. Socialwizz

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