Best Affiliate Programs UK

Best Affiliate Programs UK – Top Digital Marketing Affiliate Program that works in the real world.

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Growth and Strategy Programme

We pay 10% commission for our Guided Digital Marketing growth and strategy programme

Entreprise Introducer Programme

If you are looking to be more on the introducer level we pay £50 per day for everyday we work for an enterprise customer – standard is 5 to 15 days sometimes longer – some of our affiliates earn over £1000+ per month. We have found that this works well for startup business owners who don’t have a large marketing budget (we offset work) or for those that are semi retired looking for a purpose and some extra money each month.

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Do you want your own affiliate website to sell products of your choice?

For approximately £2000 + VAT you could have your own affiliate website, an example Furniture Shop UK

Design Luxuria has over 20,000 products from John Lewis and Amara.

Its like been a commissioned sales agent for online retailers – you send traffic to that site if someone buys then your earn the commission, normally between 5% to 20% depending on what you are selling.

We will work with you to build the site chose products, share the secrets and help set everything up.

Contact James to discuss – 01296 326376